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Ideal Solutions Company (ISC) is a leading Qatari national company founded in 1998. Ideal Solutions is one of the top electronic solutions providers in the Gulf area for a number of industry-leading electronic services. Additionally, ISC supports a full range of products of its own including Real Estate Information System and Mail Tracking, as well as a number of third party solutions based on ESRI, VeriFone, Oracle and Microsoft products.

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Other business areas include GIS, AVL, EFT, Security Solutions, application software development; integration services, training and consulting. ISC is structured into one head-office; consist of several business units working together to provide coordinated services to our customers. Following are the different business units: 1. Sales and Marketing 2. Geographical Information System Services & Development 3. Information Systems & Database Application Development 4. Professional Electronic Services 5. Security Solutions 6. Banking Solutions & Electronic Fund transfer Solutions 7. Technical Support & Maintenance 8. Document Management Systems Throughout Qatar, we maintain a consistent approach to the way we conduct our work. We achieve this by a single set of principles at the highest level, adhered to by all ISC operations. This provides customers with a consistent service and access to worldwide resources. ISC is committed to provide all it’s prospects through believing in it’s motto which is: (DTQ) Deliver in Time with Quality

Vision and Mission

We believe that our solutions will shape your business regardless of its size, in order to meet the challenge of today’s business environment. Keeping in mind that utilizing of the latest technology, along with having the expertise to implement it, is very critical for staying competitive. For those who care about the future of their agencies, who seek ease of use and excellence of work. We can help you excel in the following areas: 1. Increasing your market share. 2. Reduction of human resources. 3. Feel secure within your environment 4. Increase your productivity within short time 5. Provide you with easy to use solutions that increase the number of your transactions, and in its turn and your revenues. 6. Provide you with a world wide proven tool for marketing. 7. Reduce your time to market, that gives you a great bonus do distinguish yourself from your competitors by the quick reaction of market conditions and fast implementation of new technologies. In a world where tomorrow is on our doorstep, Ideal Solutions continues to provide premium product quality and superior services, which will remain the top priority of our existence within the proper time.


Contact Information:

P.O.Box 20851

Ahmed Bin Ali Street, Doha, Qatar

Tel: +974-44888450/2/3

Fax: +974-44888451